Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Beginning of My On-line Weight Loss Journey


I went through one tragedy after another, emotionally and physically that put pounds upon pounds on. I took a lot of weight off after my divorce years earlier and here I am again over weight and needing to shed pounds. I've done it before, lost 80-90 lbs. naturally so I KNOW I can do it again! And I want to do it again with you. I find that having people who are going through the same thing, who support you, keep you accountable helps SO much in the process of getting your body, health, & life back.


My method is natural safe weight loss with a focus on healthy eating (NOT diets), exercise that is fun and I can stick to, and self love! I will be sharing my journey and give tips, share my success and failure and hope that you do the same. If you want support in a private setting you are welcome to join my ning: and join 'moving enchantment' group, participate and start conversations in the forums!

I invite you to also follow me on twitter{i'm a twitter junky} to get notice when I publish a new post, you can also follow my blog, sub to the RSS or atom feed, etc.


I look forward to this losing more weight this year! With my new total gym I should be able to make it through the coming holidays unscathed. *crossing fingers* it is supposed to slim me down and not bulk me up. I'm hoping to not only get toned but cut. A four pack and arms like the mom in “Terminator” – the original movie – would be awesome!!
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1 comment:

  1. Good luck to you! I have about 40 pounds to go myself I have radically changed how we eat here - we are very close to being vegetarian now - it's easier than I thought it would be and I feel so much better. I will be following your blog and wish you success~!