Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cycle Flux – You Didn't REALLY Gain 5 Pounds!

I haven't worked out save my constant hip rotations, shimmies, etc that I do ALL the time. As I write this, when I'm on the couch watching TV, in bed waiting to fall asleep, when I do dishes, and even in at Target (that store just makes me want to wiggle!). I weighed myself last week and gained a couple of pounds but I need to weigh through out my 'cycle' so I know what my weight range is. It's usually about five pounds flux but I need to know my high and low so I know if I actually gained weight or not.

I suggest all woman do this even if you don't believe in weighing more than once a week or month because you may think you have gained weight when you didn't, your just in your cycles' flux. Just one month of this from the beginning of one cycle to the end of the next should give you a good gauge so you don't panic when you are five pounds heavier the next month just because of timing!

My Goals:
That said, I i'm planning to add belly dance work out & instructional videos to my routine. I have seen the need for order, to set goals and build a flexible routine that I can follow. I belly dance because it feels good as I mention at my other blog, Dragonfly Enchantment. I do it because it's fun! That's also why I hoop. I know that I have to do things I enjoy or else I wont do them. As long as I break a sweet each day I will count it as a success. So we have weekly hooping, possibly daily stretching, belly dance, resistance training, and house work (yep, it counts! It makes me sweat more than anything).
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Where I'm at Now

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